Something Better | Learning to Live, Learning to Love

Thursday, Sept 21 | 5:45 - 6:45 pm | at the office

I’ve invited Fran Anderson to give us an introduction to her popular course “Learning to Live, Learning to Love”

“Learning to Live, Learning to Love” is an educational program that helps individuals recognize unhealthy behaviors and thoughts, break patterns of the past while giving tools to build healthier lives and relationships.

The BIG Idea Workshop

Wed, Oct 4 | 6 PM | at the office

A workshop designed specifically for new patients, family and friends of new patients, and people interested in learning more about this form of chiropractic care before they decide to come in for an appointment. Over the years we’ve found that patients that attend this workshop get better overall results than those that don’t.

Something Better | Bowen Therapy Workshop

Thursday, Oct 12 | 5:45 PM | at the office

Many of you joined Something Better group because you’re actually looking for something better when it comes to your health. Well… this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about a little known, yet powerful pain-reducing therapy which originated in Australia.