Life Talks (when you ask the right questions)

I've been looking forward to this event ever since we had Peggy as our guest last year! Peggy Jennings-Severe is an author and has published 2 books which you can find on Amazon.  Peggy's books offer a simple yet effective approach to reaching out and connecting with those who you care about the most – no matter what..
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What is the Big Idea?

On their first visit, my patients share their health history with me and I find it interesting how most of their stories are the same. Sure the names, dates, and places may change, but the basic plot is the same and it goes a lot like this: Me: “When do you feel like your health..

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something better

Something Better

What is "Something Better"? An idea come to life with the inspiration and encouragement of several patients and friends. Or another way to say it would be... A monthly event designed to empower people looking for something better when it comes to their health and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, modify your..
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