Life Talks (when you ask the right questions)

I've been looking forward to this event ever since we had Peggy as our guest last year! Peggy Jennings-Severe is an author and has published 2 books which you can find on Amazon.  Peggy's books offer a simple yet effective approach to reaching out and connecting with those who you care about the most – no matter what..
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Naturopathy Workshop

Naturopathy. Ever heard of it? Have you ever considered working with a naturopathic doctor instead of a medical doctor? Many people do. I've invited Tammy Randall-Andrews, a naturopathic doctor and owner of Whole Body Vibrance, to come and teach us about naturopathy - how it works and what kinds of health issues it can be good for...
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Bowen Therapy Workshop

Many of you joined the Something Better group because you’re actually looking for something better when it comes to your health. Well… this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about a little known, yet powerful pain-reducing and healthing therapy which originated in Australia. I’ve invited a friend and colleague of mine, Laura Denney, from Modern..

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Learning to Live, Learning to Love

~ Empowering each other to make better choices when it comes to our health and exploring the connection between our health and our lifestyle. ~ I don’t know about you, but I feel like the physical needs of the body dominate the conversation when it comes to health and the emotional needs of the body..

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chronic back pain treatment

Chronic back pain treatment using a top-down approach.

Finding an effective chronic back pain treatment can be a frustrating process, especially if you’re looking for a lasting solution that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to wear a brace, use medication every day, use injections, or surgery.  If you have frequent or chronic back pain you’re hardly alone. It is estimated that 70%..

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headache treatment in Chico

Effective headache treatment in Chico, CA with Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC

Before hearing about Dr. Gonzales and his headache treatment success rate for tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, and cluster headaches, many of his patients have spent years (and thousands of dollars) trying to treat their headaches with the conventional approaches – multiple medications, injections, special pillows or devices, massage, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modifications, or general chiropractic..

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infrared thermography

Digital infrared thermography – used by upper cervical chiropractors like Dr. Gonzales, DC

Digital infrared thermography as used by upper cervical chiropractors like Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC is a safe, non-invasive, and convenient diagnostic tool used to measure the current state of function of the central nervous system – specifically the autonomic nervous system. Dr. Gonzales, DC is interested in the function of the nervous system because the body’s..

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