You think you might have an atlas problem (or atlas misalignment, or atlas subluxation) and now you’re looking for an ‘atlas chiropractor’, not just a regular chiropractor. You’re hardly alone as the word is getting our about these special ‘atlas chiropractors’ that have been labeled as miracle workers by some of their patients. These particular chiropractors have built a reputation for being able to help some of the most stubborn and challenging chronic health problems.

Somewhere along your search you may have come across a list of health problems that have been associated with an atlas (C1) misalignment (subluxation). You may have been surprised to see so many different types of problems on the list – everything from asthma to vertigo – that respond well to this particular type of chiropractic care.

The common link between all the different health problems associated with an atlas subluxation is autonomic nervous system function. In fact, if you have a chronic health problem that isn’t responding well to medication, physical therapy, diet & lifestyle changes then chances are you have atlas subluxation.

An atlas chiropractor is more accurately called an upper cervical chiropractor. These upper cervical chiropractors are specialists within the broad chiropractic field as they only do one thing… they make small, safe, and precise adjustments on the top one or two bones in the neck (atlas and axis, or C1 and C2) in an effort to restore normal autonomic nervous system function.

If you’ve ever been to a regular chiropractic office it’s easy to recognize the difference of an upper cervical chiropractic office. There tend to be far fewer “bells and whistles” in the patient experience. There is always a detailed health history, exam, and x-rays before the first adjustment is delivered and the only adjustment the patient will receive is at atlas or axis (C1 or C2). Also, the patient will need far fewer adjustments over the course of care when compared to general chiropractic as the upper cervical adjustments can hold for weeks and months at a time.

In terms of safety… ALL OF CHIROPRACTIC is statistically safer than medicine according to the insurance industry risk assessment stats and upper cervical chiropractic has a ridiculously high safety record.

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