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I don’t know about you, but I feel like the physical needs of the body dominate the conversation when it comes to health and the emotional needs of the body don’t get the attention they deserve. And seeing as how our emotional health can play a critical role in our physical health I thought this would be a great topic for our group.

I’ve invited Fran Anderson to give us an introduction to her popular course “Learning to Live, Learning to Love”

“Learning to Live, Learning to Love” is an educational program that helps individuals recognize unhealthy behaviors and thoughts, break patterns of the past while giving tools to build healthier lives and relationships.

Topics covered include: 

• feelings/emotions

• what to do with anger

• reactive lifestyles

• childhood wounds/traumas

• developing trust

• build/improve communication skills

• guilt, shame and more.

I’ll be sure to provide a few snacks and beverages for those who need to come straight from work.

Hope to meet you there!