The occasional twinge of pain or tight muscle is simply a part of life, but chronic pain, stiffness, and discomfort is a sign something is wrong and it would be wise to seek help. But what kind of doctor or health care professional offer the safest and most effect chronic neck pain treatment?

Most people spend a lot of time and money buying special pillows, chairs, modifying their desk at work, and eating over-the-counter pain medication like Tic-Tacs in an effort to fix the neck pain issue themselves. With any luck they’ll find that stuff helps a little, but that stuff can’t replace an effective chronic neck pain treatment.

After spending several months (or more likely a few years) trying to resolved the problem on their own people begin to look for a doctor or health care professional that offers a chronic neck pain treatment. The most common places to start for a lot of people with chronic neck pain is their general medical doctor and a massage therapist. The medical doctor will usually make a referral for a course of physical therapy along with prescribing some muscle relaxers.

A small percentage of those with chronic neck pain will stick with regular massage therapy sessions and use medication to manage their neck pain symptoms, but the majority of people will find that massage therapy and medication isn’t enough to deal with their stubborn neck pain problems – they require a more specialized approach.

At some point many people looking for a chronic neck pain treatment end up in the office of a chiropractor and the lucky ones happen to find an upper cervical chiropractor, not just the general chiropractic office that’s convenient to get to because it’s on their way home from work.

Upper cervical chiropractors have a much higher success rate that general chiropractors when it comes to resolving chronic neck pain because they are able to improve the function of the nervous system which is ultimately the cause of the chronic muscle tension and pain. The very precise adjustments delivered by upper cervical chiropractors are capable of unlocking the joints in the neck responsible for irritating the nervous system which is what’s contributing to the chronically tight and stiff muscles, the pain, and the overall alignment of the spine.

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