Before hearing about Dr. Gonzales and his headache treatment success rate for tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, and cluster headaches, many of his patients have spent years (and thousands of dollars) trying to treat their headaches with the conventional approaches – multiple medications, injections, special pillows or devices, massage, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modifications, or general chiropractic care. And nothing they’ve tried has been able to give them what they’re looking for… a lasting, drug-free solution to their frequent headaches.

The primary reason Dr. Gonzales has a success rate much higher than conventional headache treatment methods is his ability to improve nervous system function in his patients. The latest research demonstrates that most recurring and chronic headaches are primarily a central nervous system problem, so it makes sense to focus treatment on improving and stabilizing the function of the nervous system, not just focus on the masking the pain (which seems the chosen focus with conventional treatment).

There is an intimate neurological connection between the joints in the upper cervical spine (upper neck) and the brain (central nervous system). When the joints in the neck become misaligned or jammed, often due to one big trauma (car accident) or a series of small traumas (sports or work), the neurological connection between the neck and the brain gets disrupted resulting in recurring headaches.

“Headaches are frequently caused by compression of cervical nerve roots and prolonged tension of the neck muscles.”

Gilroy, J MD Basic Neurology, p. 92

Dr. Gonzales, DC tracks his patient’s success to help ensure his patients get what they’re looking for – a lasting, drug-free, headache treatment. Last year, 2016, of all the patients that worked with Dr. Gonzales that indicated they had migraines and headaches as their primary health problem 83% of them self report “good” or “excellent” results (“good” = 65% (or more) improvement in symptoms | “excellent” = 90% (or more) improvement in symptoms).

The actual treatment involves a precise adjustment to the first or second vetebrae in the patient’s neck – a highly specialized adjustment not every chiropractor is able to perform. When the joints of the upper neck become misaligned and/or stuck (usually caused by a physical trauma) they disrupt the function of the central nervous system (specifically the autonomic nervous system). The type of chiropractic care is known as upper cervical chiropractic and is only performed by a relatively small number of chiropractors.

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