Since opening his practice in 2010 Jason Gonzales, DC has been offering a highly effective, drug-free migraine treatment in Chico, CA. Rather than manage the symptoms associated with migraines like the throbbing pain in the head, pain behind one or both eyes, light sensitivity, head pressure, nausea, or vomiting Dr. Gonzales, DC focuses on treating the major root cause of most migraines and recurring headaches – central nervous system dysfunction.

For years the leading theories behind recurring migraines and most types of headaches were focused on the blood vessels because of the very common symptom of throbbing and pressure.

However, the latest research shows that the root cause of most migraines and headaches has nothing to do with blood vessels, but it has everything to do with the nervous system. That’s why the conventional migraine treatments can only offer temporary symptom relief, but no lasting solutions – they only block pain signals and do nothing to improve central nervous system function.

The migraine treatment in Chico that Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC uses is so effective because it actually improves the function of the nervous system. Prior to the latest research on the root cause of migraines, doctors like. Dr. Gonzales had an unusual track record of success when it came to migraines and headaches – now we know why.

Upper cervical chiropractic is a specialty within the field of chiropractic and unlike general chiropractor (the most common form of chiropractic care), upper cervical chiropractic care only works the the top two bones in the neck because of how much they influence the function of the entire nervous system. The top two bones in the cervical spine (neck) are commonly referred to as atlas and axis, or C1 and C2. They are unique in many ways when compared to the rest of the bones in the spine especially when it comes to how much they can influence the function of the central nervous system (specifically the autonomic function) and with how vulnerable they are in all types of physical traumas.

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