Since relocating his practice to Chico in 2010 Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC has garnered a reputation for being “the migraine doctor in Chico“. His track record of success with migraines, headaches, and several different types of chronic health issues stems from the type of doctor he is… an upper cervical chiropractor.

Part of his reputation for being “the migraine doctor in Chico” comes from the fact Dr. Gonzales, DC tracks his patient’s success to help ensure his patients get what they’re looking for – a lasting, drug-free, corrective treatment for their migraines and headaches.

Last year, 2016, of all the patients that worked with Dr. Gonzales that indicated they had migraines and headaches as their primary health problem 83% of them self reported “good” or “excellent” results (“good” = 65% (or more) improvement in symptoms | “excellent” = 90% (or more) improvement in symptoms).

It’s worth noting that almost all of Dr. Gonzales’ patients had already tried several medications, been to several other doctors, tired dietary & lifestyle changes, and traditional chiropractic care before they began working with him.

What people might be surprised to know, however, is that many experienced upper cervical chiropractors, like Dr. Gonzales, can probably make the same claim when it comes to getting results with migraines, headaches, and other chronic health problems. The reason for their shared success lies in the fact that this specialty form of chiropractic care, upper cervical, is very effective at improving central nervous system function (specifically the autonomic nervous system) – a key component to many chronic health issues like migraines and headaches.

Ironically, the underlying cause of many chronic health problems is known and fairly well understood, but modern health care is primarily focused on managing symptoms. In fact, there is rarely something more effective at quickly reducing a symptom than medication. However, endlessly managing symptoms is not the same thing as being well. Building your life around your chronic health problem so you can avoid flare-ups is not the same thing as being well. The patients that seek out help from “the migraine doctor in Chico”, Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC are more interested in being truly well than having their symptoms managed.

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