Most doctors see their patients on a visit-to-visit basis, but not upper cervical chiropractors. Why?

An upper cervical chiropractor in Chico, CA with years of experience and a track record of success, Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC, rarely entertains the idea of working with a new patient on a visit-to-visit basis.

Dr. Gonzales, DC say’s, “Care plans are a much smarter, safer, and more successful option both for the patient and the doctor.”

Upper cervical chiropractors typically see the worst of the worst cases. People that struggle with one or several chronic health issues that haven’t responded to medication, physical therapy, diet & lifestyle changes, and even regular chiropractic care. Seeing as how the health problems of these patients are chronic (they’ve had them for a long time) it’s reasonable, in fact it’s prudent, to expect that the healing process will take time – months usually, not days or weeks.

By the time most patients are introduced to an upper cervical chiropractor they have spent years (in some cases decades) trying the conventional approaches which were covered by their medical insurance. Now they’re tired, frustrated, and are looking for something more than symptom management and temporary pain relief. They want to be well. They want to have the underlying problem identified and resolved. They want someone to work with them every step of the way.

Upper cervical chiropractors have a reputation as miracle workers, but it’s not true. The reason this unique form of chiropractic care gets success with a myriad of chronic health issues is because it works with the body’s nervous system.

The function of the nervous system is often overlooked in the managed health care arena. Blood labs, x-rays, EKG’s, MRI, CT scans – none of that stuff measures the function of the nervous system.

Upper cervical chiropractors likes Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC use infrared thermography to measure the patient’s nervous system function. By monitoring and improving a patient’s nervous system it’s possible to restore health – in fact, it’s expected.

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