Chiropractic care, much like medical care, has different specialties. Upper cervical chiropractic care is one of those specialties, but chances are you’ve never heard of it. Unlike medical care which has commonly known specialties like pediatrics, oncology, neurology, etc… chiropractic’s specialties are less known by the public.

So if you’re thinking… “I’ve already tried chiropractic and it didn’t work. Why would upper cervical chiropractic be any different?” … you may want to reconsider.

You can look at upper cervical chiropractic as a specialty within the field of chiropractic. Much like a neurologist is a specialist within the broader field of medicine. Whereas regular chiropractic is often used as a drug free way to deal with muscle and joint problems, upper cervical chiropractic is best suited for chronic health problems that haven’t been responding well, or stopped responding, to medication, surgery, physical therapy, diet & lifestyle changes.

For instance, chronic migraines, frequent headaches, chronic neck pain or back pain, vertigo (dizziness), fibromyalgia, numbness in hands or feet, digestion problems, and a few other problems are common conditions in the offices of upper cervical chiropractors.

General chiropractic mobilizes (adjusts) several parts of the spine and sometimes even the extremities to improve range of motion and reduce pain. Upper cervical chiropractic strictly focuses on the top two vertebra (C1 & C2, or “atlas” and “axis”) in the neck (cervical spine) in order to improve the function of the central nervous system – which helps the entire body not just a few joints or local muscle pain.

General chiropractic is often done with little to no objective exams, testing, or x-rays prior to treatment and following treatment there is rarely any objective measure to analyze the effectiveness of the adjustment. On the other hand, upper cervical chiropractic REQUIRES the use of objective exams (digital infrared thermography for instance), tests, and x-rays both before and after treatment because each patient is unique and each patient requires a tailor made adjustment to address the problem in the upper neck.

General chiropractic is often used as a “when you think you need it” form of health care. Upper cervical chiropractic care is delivered in “care plans” – a predetermined protocol of time and/or number of office visits required for the patient to stabilize and get well such that they can stop coming in and still maintain their results.

So… for those that struggle with chronic health problems that don’t seem to respond well to medication or surgery perhaps upper cervical chiropractic is worth looking in to further?

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