Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC is an upper cervical chiropractor in Chico which is a highly recommended specialty for those with chronic health problems that haven’t responded well to traditional medical care, physical therapy, or even diet & lifestyle changes. Problems like migraines, headaches, chronic neck & back pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ-D, and a few others have been shown to respond very well to upper cervical chiropractic care, NOT the general or most common form of chiropractic care.

Doctors like Dr. Gonzales, DC, an upper cervical chiropractor in Chico, have a success rate much higher than you might guess when it comes to helping people dramatically reduce, and in some cases completely resolve, the symptoms of chronic health problems. Dr. Gonzales’ higher-than-expected success rate is in part because he follows strict protocols when it comes to patient care. This ensures only the best candidates for care are selected and those that would likely not benefit from the care as much as they would like told so in advance.  

Before finding and deciding to work with an upper cervical chiropractor in Chico most people have spent years trying to solve their chronic health problem with the traditional medical approach (medication, physical therapy, surgery, injections, etc). Most find that they have periods of relief, but no lasting solution. Over the years they’ve only swapped one symptom management approach for another, so real solution that deals with the root cause of their chronic health issue.

Because of their strong desire to be well, they never give up and continue the search for a solution and that’s how most patients find their way into the office of an upper cervical chiropractor. This highly specialized form of chiropractic care can help a myriad of chronic health problems because it addresses a major factor often overlooked and under estimated in traditional medical care – the function of the central nervous system (specifically the autonomic nervous system). Many patients of upper cervical chiropractic, after hearing how their chronic health problem(s) and their nervous system are connected, often say, “That makes a lot of sense! Why didn’t they [previous doctors] ever mention that before?”.

The most common questions around upper cervical chiropractic care is how is it different from general chiropractic care. The biggest difference lies in the objective measurements and strict protocols followed by upper cervical doctors. The goal of upper cervical chiropractic care is to locate and remove a large source of interference to the central nervous system which is delicate work requiring exacting precision.

There are five major parts to the diagnostic and treatment protocol you should be aware of: consultation and examination, computerized infrared thermography, precision x-ray imaging, precision adjusting and post-adjustment recuperation.

Step #1: Consultation and Examination:

A health history review and a routine physical exam are necessary to ascertain your current health status and medical history. This is important for establishing a health baseline and to assess your progress as you undergo a course of care.

Step #2: Computerized Infrared Thermography:

This is a neuro-diagnostic procedure which helps the doctor gather information about the current state of function of your autonomic nervous system. It is performed by moving a sensitive temperature scanning device over the spine. Irritation to the nervous system as it travels through the spine is detected in the temperature differential scans. This procedure is performed at every visit before and after an adjustment, to determine if an adjustment is needed and afterwards, to determine if an adjustment has made a correction to the nervous system.

Step #3: Precision X-ray:

If during your examination we discover nervous system irritation, the next step is to make an accurate determination of the upper cervical vertebrae’s position. Since standard x-ray technology is inadequate for this purpose, a high precision, laser aligned x-ray instrument is used. The x-ray images are then analyzed by the upper cervical chiropractor to determine the three-dimensional displacement of the upper cervical vertebrae. Be assured that radiological examinations are performed only when clinically necessary to insure proper patient care.

Step #4: Precision Adjusting:

The uniqueness of the bony anatomy of the upper cervical spine dictates that use of a unique adjustment to correct a misalignment. We use specially designed tables which help relax the spine when an adjustment is performed. For those patients that are unable to get into the preferred position due to their condition other tables are available. The adjustment itself is done by hand to the upper neck area.

Step #5: Post-Adjustment Recuperation:

In upper cervical chiropractic care a mandatory post-adjustment recuperation period is important for two reasons. The first is to give the nervous system time to respond so that an accurate post-adjustment thermographic scan can be obtained. The second is to allow the ligaments and muscles holding the vertebrae to begin to stretch and adapt to the change in the bones’ position. Following the adjustment the patient is escorted to a recuperation suite and remains there for approximately 20 minutes before the post-adjustment scan is taken.

By keeping the nervous system functioning well the patient’s physiology begins to return to normal and their chronic symptoms start to disappear.

Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC would make an excellent choice if you’re looking for an upper cervical chiropractor in Chico, CA.

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