Dr. Jason Gonzales’ track record when it comes to helping people with chronic headaches has earned him the nick name ‘the headache doctor in Chico’ with some of his patients.  Yes, headaches can be caused by a variety of factors, but an impressive amount of research demonstrates that the majority of headaches are caused by problems in the cervical spine (neck). So earning the nick name ‘the headache doctor in Chico’ makes sense given that Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC is an upper cervical chiropractor

There is an intimate neurological connection between the joints in the upper cervical spine (upper neck) and the brain (central nervous system). When the joints in the neck become misaligned or jammed (vertebral subluxation), often due to one big trauma (car accident) or a series of small traumas (sports or work), the neurological connection between the neck and the brain gets disrupted resulting in recurring headaches.

“Headaches are frequently caused by compression of cervical nerve roots and prolonged tension of the neck muscles.”

Gilroy, J MD Basic Neurology, p. 92

Dr. Gonzales, DC tracks his patient’s success to help ensure his patients get what they’re looking for – a lasting, drug-free, corrective treatment for their migraines and headaches. Last year, 2016, of all the patients that worked with Dr. Gonzales that indicated they had migraines and headaches as their primary health problem 83% of them self report “good” or “excellent” results (“good” = 65% (or more) improvement in symptoms | “excellent” = 90% (or more) improvement in symptoms).

It’s worth noting that almost all of Dr. Gonzales’ patients had already tried several medications, been to several other doctors, tired dietary & lifestyle changes, and traditional chiropractic care before they began working with him.

Doctors specializing in upper cervical chiropractic used both digital infrared thermography and x-rays to determine the exact location of the misaligned vertebrae in the neck. Then they use a specific form of manual adjusting to safely restore normal motion. This approach is much more effective and requires less treatment than a general message of the neck muscles or a general, non-specific manipulation of the neck from a regular chiropractor.

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