On their first visit, my patients share their health history with me and I find it interesting how most of their stories are the same. Sure the names, dates, and places may change, but the basic plot is the same and it goes a lot like this:

Me: “When do you feel like your health problem started?”

Patient: “I was first told by a doctor that I have __________ probably 10 or 15 years ago, but I feel like I’ve had chronic health issues even longer than that.”

Me: “What kind of things have you been doing in an effort to resolve your chronic (or frequent) __________?” 

Patient: “I feel like I’ve tried everything… several medications, physical therapy, massage therapy, I’ve changed my diet, I tried regular chiropractic, I even bought a special mattress! And with all of that I’ve had periods of symptom relief, but the problem always comes back. I’m afraid I’m not making any significant progress and that it’s only getting worse.”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone as the number of people struggling with a chronic health issue is on the rise, even though there are more with health care insurance then ever before in history! Why is it so difficult for someone to find a safe, lasting, and corrective solution to their chronic health issues in our health care system?

In this 50 minute workshop we help you understand exactly how you ended up here (in terms of your health) and why all the conventional treatments, many of which are covered by your health insurance, didn’t give you the lasting results you’re looking for. We cover the basic principles of health restoration, how & why upper cervical chiropractic care is vital for cases like yours, and help you understand the difference between “health restoration” and what everyone calls “health care” (which is basically symptom management care in disguise).

In spite of what you’ve been led to believe, YOU CAN GET YOUR HEALTH (and your life) BACK! It won’t happen over night, but with the right tools, information, and mind-set you will surprise yourself with what you and your body can achieve!

It’s OK if you’re having a difficult time believing me, I would to if I’ve been struggling with a chronic health issue for years and nothing I’ve tried has worked. So don’t listen to me… listen to them (100’s of patients with back stories just like yours that are no longer struggling)

It’s super easy to get started… just be at my office on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6 PM, take a few notes, and be open to the idea that health is possible for you!

WHAT: Big Idea Workshop

WHEN: 3rd Monday of each month (except when in conflict with major holidays), 6 – 7 PM

WHERE: The Specific Chiropractic Center @ 1281 East Ave Ste 100, Chico, CA 95926

WHY: Because you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired!