(This is a Something Better event… click here to learn more about the Something Better group)

I’ve been planning this meetup for a few months now and it’s now ready to be announced to all of you 🙂

Vision boards, passion planners, goal setting, visualization… I’m into all of that stuff and believe that they play a important roll in achieving success.

So…(drum roll…)

For the first time in 9 years this powerful course is being offered to people outside of Kristy Ayala’s professional community.

Your Best Year Yet: Purposeful Planning, Intentions, and Infusions for a Powerful 2017 Workshop

This workshop will combine information, visualizations, conscious intentions, purposeful planning, meditation, vision boarding, and abundance work to support a powerful and passionate 2017.

A combination of lecture and experiential activities will support the integration of the material. (Participation in all activities is required.)

This is a powerful workshop; allowing you to release old beliefs or limits about yourself while increasing excitement and dedication to your year ahead. This workshop will support continued momentum to be experienced throughout the new year.

You’ll need to bring a few specific items with you, but you’ll leave with a detailed plan for 2017 with specific goals and action steps to achieve them, a vision board, and the confidence to do it all.

The cost for this 4 hour workshop is $75. 

What you need to bring:

Notebook, pen(s), bottled water, bagged snack or light lunch, a dollar (has to be real cash, you’ll take it home with you)

Kristy if very thorough and has a detailed list of suggestions and requests in order to make sure you have amazing experience.


This is going to be exciting!