What is “Something Better”?

An idea come to life with the inspiration and encouragement of several patients and friends.

Or another way to say it would be…

A monthly event designed to empower people looking for something better when it comes to their health and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, modify your lifestyle, or explore the connection between the two, chances are there’s something better for you here.


Here’s the back story…

I’m a husband, father, doctor, entrepreneur, and I was inspired to start Something Better by a few close friends and my patients.

I stand for a community in which a long, health, and happy life is the rule not the exception. And I believe it starts by understanding that we built to thrive, not just survive.

(I also stand for getting more sleep because with all I have going on in my life I don’t get enough! But I don’t mind as I’ve got some big things I want to accomplish before my time is up.)

In my professional life as a doctor I help people that struggle with chronic health problems that haven’t responded well to traditional medical care. I see far too many people who are living their lives stifled by their health issues. My work with these patients was one of the driving forces to start this group.

I believe that when thriving is possible, merely surviving is no way to live.

I also believe if more people were empowered to make smart choices when it comes to the health and lifestyle the entire planet would feel benefit.

This group aims to empower and inspire each other to make smart choices when it comes to our health and lifestyle. As a group we’re not married to one particular philosophy or approach as we understand there’s usually more than one “right way” to nearly everything. We are open to trying new things, exploring different ideas, and having a lot fun along the way!

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, change an aspect of your lifestyle, or simply explore the connection between the two chances are you’ll find something better here!

Live well,


P.S. In case you’re wondering… my intent with this Meetup group is to create connection, create community, and empower others to make smart choices when it comes to their health and lifestyle – not to sell you anything.

P.P.S. The best way to stay up-to-date with the Something Better events is to join the Meetup.com group. It’s FREE, safe, and it can automatically update you when there’s a new event being planned.